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iQO2 is a comprehensive software for endurance athletes, coaches and teams designed to train smarter and optimize performance with powerful tools to plan and analyze training sessions and races.

Our software is being used daily by professional teams and sport federations like Topsport Vlaanderen - Baloise team , WM3 Pro Cycling Team , Lotto-Soudal Cycling Team , Cibel Team , Granville , Veranda Willems-Crelan , Royal Belgian Cycling Federation  and many professional coaches and test centers.


Upload your workouts from many compatible training devices.


Use iQO2's array of analytical tools to get the right insights.


View trends and draw long term conclusions that will optimize your performance.

Compatible with most training devices

Upload workouts to iQO2 quickly and easily from a large variety of devices directly from your training device or from files.

  • Polar
  • Garmin
  • Pioneer
  • Suunto
  • Powertap
Get inspired

Draw up a complete season with periodization and personalized training cycles in a single comprehensible tool for both athletes and coaches.

Peak at the right moment
Eric , triathlete

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A new standard for workout analysis
Alex , endurance coach

Full coach story

Upload body metrics 7:00

7:10 Morning run

Core stability 7:30

8:00 Monitor coaching dashboard

Freestyle swimming 8:15

9:00 Indoor lactate tests

Speed-building run 11:00

12:15 Notify new training activities

Lunch 12:30

13:30 Prepare training schedules

Long distance workout 14:00

16:00 Field test

Diner 18:00

19:00 Workout analytics

Analyze SRM Workout 20:00

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Whether you are an endurance athlete, coach, team or sport federation, iQO2 has flexible pricing plans for you. After you signed up for your free trial, you get access to all the athlete or coach features for 30 days. If you end up deciding that you’re not ready for our commercial athlete or coach edition, you can use the free athlete edition.


  • Track activities
  • Plan workouts
  • Analyze performance
  • Manage athletes

€ 8

  • Track activities
  • Plan workouts
  • Analyze performance
  • Manage athletes

€ 20

  • Track activities
  • Plan workouts
  • Analyze performance
  • Manage athletes
Price per month, when signing up for a 12-month license. Pricing includes 21% VAT.
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